Ok, but who exactly am I?

Kamusta! My name is Lance. My journey started on April 12, 2007 at Manila, Philippines. I eventually flew to America, which is now my permanent residence. I never got to learn my mother-tongue, which is either tagalog or Illongo. I'm what most people call a "receptive-bilingual" where I can understand Tagalog and English, but only able to reply in English. I hope to learn and confidentally speak in tagalog later in life. In the meantime, I work as a translator (Tagalog to English). In the digital world, I'm known as "Chillmaster" but more frequently called known as 'Chill' due to my popularity in discord servers and games I play often. How I got my username, is due to my IGN and my chill personality I give off.

My hobbies

I don't have much hobbies myself. Although I like to code/develop shell applications in my free time. I'm currently learning how to be proficient in Java and C#. I also like to create games on Roblox to get my concepts out there. I like to draw as well, and watching anime such as JJK (JuJutsu Kaisen) and COTE (Classroom of the Elite). If you'd like to check out what I'm watching, my AniList and my MAL (MyAnimeList) are always available for you to checkout whenever! When I'm outside, I'd like to play badminton if given the chance and I like to run.. occasionally. I currently am learning how to speak in Tagalog and learning Japanese as well. If you want to see what I do for a living, please check out my offered services.

My Values & Beliefs


I believe family is what's important than anything. No one can love you more than your own family. "We can argue, we shout at each other, we can get angry, and snap at times however, we have always been together." Either for reason or without.


Communication is pretty necessary. Ideas can't go around and we'd probably be stuck as nomads if no communication happens within evolution. It's also the key in many relationships. Without communication, we can't build trust or respect.


It makes life more interesting, and developing the world a bit more. It can help individuals and/or communities better understand difficualt situations to make the impossible projects possible.


Accountability eliminates the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behavior. When you make people accountable for their actions, you're effectively teaching them to value their work.

My silly proposals

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A Few More Words About Myself

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