Who I really am


I'm Lance. More commonly known through my IGN, "Chillmaster". Although people call me chill instead.

I'm a native born filipino, living in America. I'm an aspiring game developer with tons of knowledge in many programming languages. I'm a photographer as well with 8+ years of experience.


My key areas of expertise.

idk what to put here. I'll just have it here for now.

Video game development

Through the use of Roblox and Unity, I can create games enjoyable for everyone. Although I don't finish my concepts of video games, I hope to someday get enough motivation to push one to the finish line and create enjoyment for every individual.

Discord Moderation

For several years, I've been moderating communities, either big or small. Most of my moderation takes place in verified and partnered communities on this platform called "Discord".


I've mustered over 8+ years worth of in-game, nature and urban photography. While this skill wasn't intentional, I've gained enough experience to go out into the photography field to capture valuable moments.

Research & Discovery

I can research stuff very well and discover stuff on the internet!! Googling unknown things is my specialty! :D

[this is a satirical service]